Hi, I’m Paul, and this blog is about my house.

It’s a custom log home, built in the 1980s that has seen three owners. The first one built it, the second one bought it, and the third one is going to finish it. I’m the last of those three.

So far I’ve rebuilt the basement apartment, replacing: the bathroom, the kitchen, the floor, the sliding door and the ceiling; it used to be a drop ceiling (like in a high school). I then added an on-suite washer and dryer, four closet units and rented it out.

Upstairs I put in carpet in the two bedrooms, re-hung the doors, added a landing to the doorways–previously, you had to step over a beam, then open the door; now you can step onto the beam, open the door, enter the room and step down; it’s confusing, trust me it didn’t make sense–and I added HVAC vents to both rooms. I also repainted, added closet doors, put in the baseboard trim, and the trim around the doors (after I rehung the doors), finished the windows and put in some shelves on the walls and in the closets.

On the main floor I finished the windows and built the trim that would go around all the unfinished doors (there were about a dozen or so doors with just the jamb and no trim). I bought pine planks that I sanded, routered, stained,  and finished; I then nailed my shiny new trim on top of  all those places I didn’t want to see that were probably full of spiders. None of the doors had stops, so I put stops in everywhere too.

I repainted the bathroom and wherever I see a builder’s light fixture I try to replace it (I keep finding them in closets).

Outside, I landscaped the fire pit on the ravine into a 20 x 20 levelled sitting area. The first summer we sat around the fire with logs under two out of four chair legs to keep from toppling over. I also put in 12 cedar steps down to the basement apartment. My tenant liked that because in the winter she thought sliding to her death into the woods behind the house wasn’t cool. She was probably right. It isn’t cool to slide into the woods behind the house and get eaten by coyotes.

Did I mention the porch roof? It was crooked. I jacked it up, replaced the supporting post with a piece of 100-year old reclaimed Ash from a barn and now it’s level.

Then there’s the shed that had gross yellow icicles in it all winter and rain in it all summer. I put a rubber roof on that. I also put together one of those plastic sheds for my tenant. That’s more of a thing I did, like assembling some Ikea furniture.

I’ve done a lot in two years.

I’m going to a lot more. This blog and the videos around it are so that I don’t forget where I’ve been and how I got there.