Brush Cleanup


brush to cleanAt the back of the house there is a property that is pretty wild. The main part is a sand pit that sees some operation, but the portion that connects to the house is wilderness. Wilderness on our side; wilderness on the sand pit side. That wilderness is a breeding ground for my summer nemesis: the mosquito. I got out the lopping shears and started dealing with the problem.

It doesn’t look like much, but when in bloom, it’s a wall of green. We wanted that cut back to give us more of that pine forest look and to keep the mosquitoes down. Less places for water accumulate and sit (in the shady parts), the less mosquitoes to bite us while we try to enjoy the outdoors.

brush snip

With my trusty shears I started cutting back the brush as close to the ground as possible. I cut anything under 2 inches thick, leaving some of the nicer little pines to transplant later. If it was deciduous, it was doomed. A lot of it was that relentless Manitoba Maple. I cut one a few years ago that has come back year after year as a fuller and fuller bush of green. Every year I cut it back, and every year it comes back.

With the brush cut back I wrapped it up and dragged it down the hill. The pile was heavy and cumbersome and I had to do it in two runs. I can’t say I enjoyed that. I did like cutting stuff. That was fun.brush pile wrap 2

With everything cut back we marked the larger trees with spray paint. Those we’ll take down with the chainsaw. Some are crowding other trees. Some are dead. Some just deserve it for being the wrong kind of tree.

The job itself was pretty simple. All we needed was lopping shears and some time. The can of spray paint and a chainsaw was for later, but can be done at the same time. Cutting trees isn’t like cutting back a few bushes and will take a lot more planning and precautions.

brush gone

For now the brush is cleared out and we waited for the spring bloom and mosquito season.


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