DIY Bathroom Vanity Table




Build something for the sink to sit on out of wood. Do not buy something already made of wood, buy raw wood and make the thing yourself, because you love it.


Don’t cut off your hand with the chop saw. Wear safety glasses. Do not eat the glue.


  • Chop saw
  • Drill
  • Freud biscuit joiner
  • a table to work on
  • Masking tape
  • 36′ clamp or a 30′ frame
  • a pencil
  • work knife


  • wood
  • wooden legs
  • #20 biscuits
  • dowels
  • screws
  • wood glue
  • more screws
  • wood boards 4 x 6
  • a 2 x 4 just in case
  • some 2 x 2 pine boards

Job Plan Table Top

  1. cut your boards for the top to size. Make sure they are all the same size, the line them up and look at them. Make sure you are happy with how they look because you plan on making them stay like that with the biscuit joiner and the wood glue
  2. With the masking tape, place a strip between the each board that you will be joining together.
  3. With the pencil mark a line across the two boards on the masking tape.
  4. With your work knife cut the tape to separate the two boards. You should have a center mark for each board to its adjacent board that you can now center the biscuit joiner on. If you don’t, go back to step 2 and try again.
  5. With the biscuit joiner centered on the mark on your first board and set to the appropriate biscuit size, turn on the biscuit joiner and compress. Repeat for all your marks on all your boards.
  6. Place a biscuit in each biscuit hole. Place your table top back together. Does it work? if it does glue it by taking out each biscuit, smothering it with glue and placing it back in its home.
  7. Using your frame or your clamp, compress the top together. Let sit overnight to harden.

Job Plan Table Legs

  1. I made a lot of mistakes on this part. I recommend getting a dowel guide or using a drill press. Doweling the legs into the skirt is the most sensible way of doing it. Your alternative is a lot of screws and slight adjustments.
  2. Cut your skirt to size. Check it against your table top. Line up everything and get an idea of what you want your finished table to look like.
  3. Mark your dowel holes on your skirt and on your table legs using a dowel guide. Then drill press your holes. Insert your dowels, make sure everything is pretty then apply wood glue liberally.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all four legs.
  5. If you have neither dowel guide or drill press, get one leg attached adequately to both the length and width skirts, then fasten the skirt and the leg to the table. With this piece no longer moving, attach the second leg and again fasten either the length or width portion of the skirt to the table.  Repeat for the remaining two legs.
  6. Cut a 45 degree into a piece of wood (either 2 x 1 or a 3 x1). Place the 45 flush against the skirt and mark the opposite at an appropriate length (I did about 5 inches per corner). Make 4 of these pieces about 5 inches long with a 45 on each edge. Fasten into the corners for support.
  7. If you used the drill press and dowel guide, fasten the table top to the bottom, otherwise you were probably done around midpoint of step 6.


You still have to cut a hole for your sink drain and your water lines and then you probably want to sand, stain and treat your new bathroom vanity table, but congrats you did the hard part, you made something from a bunch of nothings.

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