DIY Bathroom Windowsill



Put the trim around the unfinished window and put in a windowsill. Cover up that spider’s nest that’s been there since day 1.


The brad nailer is pretty safe. Don’t nail your finger by holding it behind where you are shooting. The chop saw is dangerous. Don’t chop off your hand.


  • brad nailer
  • chop saw
  • Porter Cable Air Compressor*
  • Level
  • Hammer


  • Trim
  • windowsill

Job Planmaking trim2

  1. The hardest part with this job is getting the trim. Because it is all custom trim, best bet is either manufacture it yourself or have it manufactured based off a sample. I did it myself and it was a lot of work.
  2. Once you have manufactured your trim with your router, or angled saw, your two cans of Minwax Pecan, your sander, your fine sander, your can of verathane finish, your resand, and your refinish, you can start measuring and cutting to size. I highly recommend measuring twice and cutting once, unless you want to redo step 1 and most of step 2 because you ran out of trim.
  3. Shim out the trim from the windowsill. Think logically what side will be covered by which piece and shim accordingly. Trim is there to hide the ugly. Use it accordingly.
  4. With your trim cut to size and shimmed out appropriately shoot your brad nailer through that trim. Keep the gun straight. Angled nails can curve out. You don’t want that.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until the window is neatly finished.

* A note on the Porter Cable Air Compressor: I love this little guy. I keep borrowing him. I really do need to invest in my own because he is a great little workhorse.

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