Not DIY Well Pump Replacement






Get water flowing back in the house before the dirty dishes eat us alive.


Do not dehydrate while awaiting the return of the water. Do not shrink and fall down the well. Do not…electrocute yourself messing about with the control box. Do not flood the house by having something on then turning something off then forgetting to turn something off while you turn something on.


  • a volt-ohm meter
  • Google and the ability to spell plumber


  • well pump
  • PVC pipe (estimate length 70 feet; actual 35)
  • wiring for well pump
  • control box
  • pressure control switch

Job Plan

  1. With the water not working first check the circuit breaker to make sure the well pump has power.
  2. Find the control box and remove the cover. I recommend tripping the breaker.
  3. Review the diagnostic steps in the control box. If it is comprehensible continue reading; if not jump to call the plumber.
  4. Run through a series of tests with the volt-ohm meter to confirm that the pump is not (1) out of water (2) jammed or (3) dealing with a frozen line.
  5. If your diagnostic comes back negative you likely have a frozen line. Call a plumber or someone who deals with wells and well drilling like PlumbTech Plumbing.


Plumbtech Plumbing weren’t the first plumbers I called, but they were the first to call back. The reason I decided to go ahead and call in experts is quite simply, we couldn’t last without water for another day. We have tenants and small children and it was just not tenable to figure it out and get it done ourselves. In the end it looked easy, but they brought all the right tools with them, including that very large key to pull up the pitless adapter. We would have had to either buy one or make one. If we had two or three days to do it, sure it could have gotten done, but we didn’t. I would have preferred to spend the money on the bathroom reno, but it is what it is and we are where we are.


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