Stanley Fatmax Framing Hammer Review


For Christmas I bought my dad this cool looking hammer called the Stanley Fatmax Framing Hammer. My dad has lots of hammers already, but this is the kind of gift I knew he would never buy for himself. He’s too pragmatic. For one thing, he already has a hammer; for another it’s too darn expensive. Like concert tickets or days at the spa, I always find the best gifts are the ones that you would like, the ones you deserve that you would do without otherwise. I bought it. I wrapped it (imagine a hammer in wrapping paper), and we finally put it to use tearing out the bathroom.


  • Light with a heavy hit
  • Feels powerful
  • Comfortable grip


  • Ever hammer something with the side of the hammer because you had to? You can’t do that with the Stanley
  • It’s big
  • Pricey

Overall the cons really aren’t that negative after you get over the price. I bought this cordless phone that is supposed to connect to the wifi. It’s cool, it’s sleek and it’s totally frustrating because it wouldn’t take the wifi password in lowercase. This is a legitimate con of a product. The hammer does not have that kind of con. It’s got the kind of cons that you may rightly wonder, did this guy spend ten minutes thinking of three things for cons to gripe about that aren’t really cons? If you did you’re right. This hammer is awesome and well worth the price.



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