Snow Valley Ski Lesson



Ski Lessons at Snow Valley

My little boy gave me a ski lesson yesterday. He had been taking the cubs and cats program at Snow Valley these past two seasons and they let me know he’s ready for blue hills. With that, I took him for a ski date last night.

The cubs and cats program at Snow Valley is well run and well established. Snow Valley offers good beginner hills for the little ones and I found all the instructors have interacted with my kid and the other kids there very well. I’ve never picked him up where he didn’t enjoy the lesson (even after the battle to get him to go to it).

We’re On the Hill

Step 1: Chair Lift.

My boy has a small bum and I cringe every second he adjusts, rotates and spins in the chair lift. He then starts goofing trying to steal my ski poles. I think I go a little more gray as I tend to do.

Step 2: Family 

He shows me his stuff and he wipes. He brushes it off like a champ and get back on the skis. I tell him to slow down and he does. We make it back to the lift.

“That was awesome” He says in his squeaky voice.

That was awesome indeed.

Step 3: Chair Lift. Again.

More wiggle equals more gray.

Step 4: Family Again

Faster this time and right to the quad lift to go to Highland Trail

Step 5: The Video at the top

I pull out the phone. I need to blog this.

Step 6: The Blue Hill



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  1. OMg when he wiggles is the cutest thing! He crashed into the chalet of the second buillding !? lol like how did he not see a huge building there buddy! didnt see what happened there on the second video. I cant believe how good he is. i think you should get a go pro !

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