DIY Deep Fried Christmas Turkey 2014



Help out with Christmas dinner by deep frying a turkey to feed the family.


Don’t set yourself a light. Have a fire extinguisher handy. Read all the directions for cooking the turkey to avoid poisoning your family and yourself. Heed all warning labels on the propane and the deep fryer. Respect the fill line. It is there to prevent you from becoming youtube famous.


  • flashlight (if cooking after 5 pm in Canada for Christmas)
  • propane
  • screwdriver
  • turkey deep fryer
  • oven mitts
  • the christmas spirit


  • 7 kg (15.4 lbs) thawed and patted dry and seasoned turkey
  • 16 litre canola oil (gasp! I had no idea)

Note: I initially bought two 16-litre bottles. As it is a Christmas turkey, I did not want to be short. I ended up using for my 36-qt fryer about 13-14 litres of oil filling to the fill line. If your pot has a fill line use it; if not, I recommend you only fill to a quarter of the pot’s total volume with oil. Measuring as recommended by the internet put me at about double what the fill line recommended and halfway up the pot. Do not waste your time measuring. Fill to a quarter and you will be safe.

For seasoning, we did a lightly seasoned salt and pepper turkey.

Job Plan

  1. Assemble your master chef deep fryer.
  2. Thaw your turkey overnight and pat dry.
  3. Find a clear place away from anything that may catch fire and setup your fryer.
  4. Connect your propane to your fryer, turn on the valves, set the timer to max, push the little ignition button and light the burner.
  5. Wait as the oil heats up.
  6. Wait
  7. Wait
  8. Re-light the burner because the timer dinged and you didn’t reset it in time.
  9. Wait
  10. Wait
  11. Wait
  12. The oil takes about 30 minutes to heat to 325 degrees f. Have your propane on full on and try to maintain a blue flame. While I don’t recommend it, we did prop a stick up between the timer and the ground so that we didn’t have to constantly get on our knees in the dark to turn the thing every ten minutes or so before it shut off on us.
  13. Once the oil reaches 325 degrees f, slowly lower your dried turkey on its nest into the pot. Wear mitts when you taking the lid off and while lowering the turkey in. Note the manual for the deep fryer recommends turning off the burner when lowering the turkey in, but the manual also recommends filling to the fill line full of peanut.IMG_2323[1]
  14. Cook the turkey to an internal temperature of 180 degrees f or roughly 3-4 minutes per pound.
  15. Turn off your deep fryer (removing the stick keeping the timer from spinning).
  16. Carefully remove from the oil and let sit for 5-10 minutes.
  17. Let the oil cool. Strain through a cheese cloth to remove any turkey crud.
  18. Store oil until your poutine party or for your deep-fried Easter Ham.


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