Ice Skating and Lemons


IMG_2312My four-year old and I went skating today to the outdoor arena. You’ll notice the arena wasn’t ready for us. We went anyway. This is one of those stories about lemons, because sometimes you need some lemonade.

Sometimes You Get Bad Lemons

Working on the house hasn’t been easy. Cost is always on my mind and figuring out what I can re-use or re-purpose has proven modestly effective. At some point it just looks ramshackle; hopefully those points are few and far between. Even if your lemons aren’t that good, you should still try to make some lemonade, maybe you can use it to de-grease something later.

Sometimes You Don’t Know How to Make Lemonade

Before going to the outdoor arena today I had skated exactly 0 times and rollerbladed once (badly). My son had to teach me everything he knew, which god bless him wasn’t very much or at least very coherent. He showed me how to skate backwards and how to skate forwards and how to make snow and oh look over there let’s go to that puddle because it’s a different level (in the video game sense of the word). One thing I can say about myself is that I’m either too dumb to know I can’t or too cocky to think I can. And yes you can learn something from a four-year-old because I learned to skate. I didn’t know how when I started, and I wasn’t very good when I was done, but I did it anyway. Leave your comfort zone; just don’t electrocute yourself.

For Sale Lemonade, Slightly Rancid, DO NOT CONSUME

I stress. We all stress. Show me someone who doesn’t stress and they’re either a liar or crazy. Crazy just means they stress in a totally irrational sort of way, so they’re probably still a liar. I was pretty frustrated that the arena had no ice, but yelling at the snow wasn’t going to help. The same applies around the house when it decides to not work: when the refrigerator door freezes shut or the cold cellar gets warm in the summer. Sometimes letting a good FAHHHK!! is pretty satisfying, but I still sound like an idiot. Because I should already know by now it will all work out in the end.


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