3 Tips on How to take Beautiful Pictures of your House


Two days ago we had a little party for my two-month old. Finally for the first time in two months the house got elegant again. I took a moment between organizing the cheese and processing the cancellations (flu season my nemesis of the week) to snap some pictures.

I realized a couple things.

Bathrooms Do Not Photograph Well

Unless you have a stunning bathroom or are an expert liar (using visuals), the bathroom is a hard room to take a good picture. In particular my main floor bathroom, which has the following things going against it.

  1. it’s ivory.
  2. its poorly lit (no natural light)
  3. it’s small.

This is what it looks like.

It could be worse, but not much.


Bedrooms Never Look Clean Unless Very Well Staged

You can take a picture of a made bed, a picture of a laundry basket with neatly folded sheet and you can take a picture of a dresser. Put a pair of keys on the dresser, place all of it into a single frame and wow, you’re a slob. You should be embarrased that you let your mom see that picture. Those sheets don’t look ironed. You call that laundry folded?

Even my older son’s room which is a little boys room and is supposed to be full of toys and bears and whimsy looks like a disaster when the frame is not right.¬†IMG_3545


 Natural Light is King

Unless you have some good studio back lights, you will be stuck depending on the sun like some photosynthesizing sucker plant, Especially in larger rooms that can cast a lot of shadows (sse my boys rooms, picture above and in the tour), you need something to really make the stage live. You probably don’t live in a dark cave (at least I don’t) but the camera might not want to show that, preferring the idea that yes indeed, you live in a dark cave.

Sometimes the natural light does cool things like the picture below, which I am not sure if it is a good picture, it just looks cool to me.


I am sure there are a lot of better photographers out there with some great tips. Would love to hear them. My inside Winter 2014 album is here. Hope you like it.



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