Chewing Disaster


I cleaned my son’s room today. It had to be done. I will post a pic of the clean room when he’s not asleep in it. After that I put my other boy (2-month’s old; so cute) to bed while listening to ITIL Foundation Service Design Part 3 (so boooring!), and I did some research about a blog post I want to write about hammers. Not sure if I actually can do three things at once (browse the internet + memorize ITIL + rock the baby to sleep), but two out of three is all I need to pass ITIL anyway.


My friend Dylan’s room before it became my son Tristan’s room

This is what my son’s room looked like before I bought the place. It was roomy and it was home for one of my closest friends, Dylan (I bought the house from my best friend’s parents).

In the opposite room (other side upstairs) Dylan’s twin brother, Noah and I stayed up all night one lazy Christmas break Sunday, 2001, and beat Halo co-op start to finish. I know it was a Sunday because John, the twins’ dad came up and said I’m going to work why are you two still playing that thing? Then again it might have been a Tuesday. It definitely wasn’t Friday or Saturday because John definitely wasn’t going to go to work on a weekend.

I cleaned my son’s room because I am still trying to figure out blogging–surprise! I’d like to make money at it / have an audience /say something worth hearing /get a gold medal–take care of a four-year old, help my wife with the two-month old, work my day job, study for ITIL and wet the baby’s head at the house this Sunday. Sleep is optional at the moment. I also want to get in some skiing done this winter.

My eyes are sunken and baggy. My skin is pasty. I have an itch in my throat and I am very very hungry, but I’m also manic with a hundred things still to get done tonight.

I probably bit off more than I could chew again. Hence the chewing disaster that is my pale pale face.

IMG_3183 IMG_3176 IMG_3175


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