P1:DIY Roof Repair



Fix the problem area between the porch and the house where a valley has been collecting water during the winter months due to ice, separation of the roof due to jacking it up, and shoddy construction.


Depending on the characteristics of the roof (slope, height, comfort level) , appropriate safety precautions should be taken including a safety harness, work boots, and all other appropriate safety equipment. If it’s a hot day make sure to hydrate and be aware of your body. If you’re feeling like you’re losing your balance, sit (if possible) take a breath and get off the roof.

Always inspect your site, equipment, and tools. Look for things that may, can and will kill you. Be aware of things that may, fix things that can, and replace things that will.


  • shingle ripper
  • air compressor
  • roof nailer
  • hammer
  • ladder
  • gloves


  • 2 bundles of shingles
  • 1 roll ice and water shield
  • 1 aluminum valley
  • roofing nails


Working on the roof should be done on calm, cool day. The roof get hots quickly and if possible, for ease and comfort of the job, it should be done when the weather is comfortable. It should not be too cold as the shingles will be brittle, but a hot day can make for a miserable experience if you’re not used to the heat or working on a roof.

Job Plan

  1. Get organized. The job is to fix the roof not climb the ladder 1000 times.
  2. Rip the problem layer of shingles off the roof using the ripper including a row above and a row below, but no wider than the ice and water shield.
  3. Inspect the problem area to make sure you have not uncovered a new, bigger, more awesome problem. If so re-evaluate your job plan.
  4. Place the aluminum valley into the problem area.
  5. Unroll the ice and water shield over aluminum valley and the problem area, tucking it in underneath the top row of shingles. Unstick the backing as you unroll, carefully and smoothly so as to avoid any waves.
  6. Re-shingle on top of the ice and water shield.
  7. Wait for winter; hope for the best.

To see how we got here, read this.

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